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About Sunscreen

About Sunscreen

The thing about sunscreen Sunscreen is made to protect your skin. Unfortunately, some sunscreens...

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You have two homes

Your skin is the absolute winner when it comes to size. It is almost 2 squaremetres. This makes it way bigger than any other organ in your entire body. It is vital to remember that your skin is actually an organ. It is alive, it is vital for your wellbeing and it is a god damn good idea to be kind to it.

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Balancing Intimate Wash Foam

Armenia, China, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Norway, Poland, Taiwan


Balancing Intimate Soap

Armenia, China, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Norway, Poland, Taiwan


Fluffy Sand

Denmark, Norway, Sweden

Available in different colors and sizes

One world - One label

AllergyCertified is an international allergy label. It was founded because there was a need for exactly that; an international label that consumers all over the world can look for when they want to prevent getting skin allergy. Because we work with health, we do not only check for allergens, but all impurities, classified endocrine disrupting chemicals and carcinogens.